Party Packages

Plan your next Girl’s Night Out with us! We offer the BEST party packages that will make your special night UNFORGETTABLE!

We are known for hosting and creating amazing parties that are packed full of fabulous memories (and sometimes pictures!). All of our pricing is dependent upon the number of attendees – we break down our fee to a “per person” amount so that your night out is easy and stress free!

Parties require a minimum of 6 people.


The Silver Party – $30.00 per person (1 hour)

Up to 15 people. Included: Pole Lesson. Studio is BYOB and you may bring snacks.

The Diamond Party – $50.00 per person (1 1/2 hours)

Up to 20 people. Included: Pole Lesson, 1 bottle of champagne, chip/salsa platter, and a veggie/dip platter.

The Platinum Party – $60.00 per person (2 hours)

No limit on attendees. Included: Pole Lesson, 2 bottles of champage, chip/salsa platter,veggie/dip platter, 30 min chair dance routine, and party honoree gets a free t-shirt.

The VEGAS BABY Party – 75.00 per person (3 hours)

No limit on attendees. Included: Pole Lesson, 3 bottles of champagne, chip/salsa platter, veggie/dip platter, 30 min chair dance routine, everyone in party gets a free t-shirt, and everyone gets a class coupon to use in the future.

We offer additional services to enhance your party, which can be added to any party to make your night extra special.

The Details

In order to host an event with us, we require at least six attendees. If you have a smaller amount, we can easily arrange for you all to fit comfortably into a one hour scheduled class.

The Academy is BYOB, so if you would like to bring adult beverages to enjoy while you’re at the studio – please make sure that all participating party goers are of legal age to do so. We offer plenty of off street parking that allows for overnight stays if necessary.

The PA Pole Academy does not allow spectators during private events, everyone in attendance must pay the per person rate.  The studio is food/drink friendly. Any party package can substitute pole lesson for: Chair Dance, Aerial Yoga, Lyra, or Hammock Instruction.

The PA Pole Academy reserves the right to end the party early and without warning if the attendees are visibly intoxicated and in danger of harming themselves or those around them. PPA wants you to have a great time – in a safe and fun way.

Party Essentials

  • Chips and Salsa
  • Veggie Platter
  • Cheese & Cracker platter
  • Sandwich Tray
  • Salad Tray
  • Shrimp Platter
  • Cold Pasta Trays
  • Cookie\Cupcake Trays
  • Cake

Please call (215) 688-8474 or email the PA Pole Academy for pricing details
(all prices dependent on size of group)
Special Requests will be considered

We accept all major credit cards and cash.