Pole Dancing & Workout Classes

Not all Classes are offered every month – please check back often to see our updated schedule.

Download the PA Pole Academy Release required for attending our classes.


Pole Level 1

Never taken a pole class? No problem –this class is designated for our beginners! We will be working on Grip Positions, Basic Static Pole Moves, Strength Conditioning, and Simple Spins.

Pole Level 2

So you have been to our Level 1 Pole Class and it’s time to be challenged yet again! Level 2 Pole Class will focus on Climbing, Basic Spin Pole, Strength Conditioning, and Increasing Spin Variations.

Pole Level 3

It’s time to see the world upside down! Level 3 Pole will focus on Inverting, Shoulder Mounts, Leg Hangs and everything in between! Our spins will get faster, our combos longer, and our climbing higher!

Pole Combos Level 3+

You know the tricks; it’s time to link them together in a seamless, beautiful combination. Each class is unique and challenging. You must be a Level 3 or higher to participate.

Pole Level 4

Well Hello There you muscle packing beauty! Let’s really challenge that strength and push past our comfort zone! Level 4 Pole will include: Aerial Inversions, 2 contact Pole Moves, Handsprings, and Combos that will be Instagram worthy!

Pole Conditioning

Weights, Bands, Straps, Abdominal Rollers, Pole, Stall Bars – you name it, we just might use it! This class is designed to boost your cardio and build up your strength. Whether for pole, apparatuses, or just life – you need to be strong!  Sneakers, sweat towel, and a kick butt mindset are recommend for this class.

Lyra Tricks and Spins Level 2

Have you tried our beginner levels Lyra class? Are you ready to flip, spin, drop, and roll? This class is for you! You will take the fundamentals you learned in Intro and Level 1 Lyra to the next level. It’s time to get upside down and dizzy!

Low Flow Lyra

Work on building your skills from the ground up with fundamental mounts and movement from the floor, flowing through the aerial hoop. No experience necessary!
Attire: Layers encouraged (long sleeves, leggings, socks, leg warmers)

Banditz Conditioning

The newest addition to our workout family! Banditz have quickly become the hottest piece of equipment here at PPA! These bands help you build strength by adding resistant to your workout routine. These little miracles also gently spot you in and out of pole/apparatus maneuvers helping you gain confidence and build strength at the same time.

Pole in Heels

Let’s get sexy. Grab your heels, put some swag in your step, dip and hair flip- it’s time to get it done! Dim lights, heels, sexy music – sound fun? This class is for you!

Grounded Floor-work

In modern dance, floor-work is used frequently especially in hip-hop AND pole dance! In Grounded Floor-work, you’ll explore basic, instinctual movement that can help you travel across the floor in a fluid way. These movements will help you flow gracefully and effortlessly in your freestyle practice or choreographed routines. No prior dance or pole experience needed; just an open mind.
Dress Attire: Long/short sleeves, long pants, socks AND knee pads. You will want to be able to protect your body as we’re using the floor.


Squats are fun – but that’s just not how we do it. This class is all about that bass. We turn up the music, we dim the lights, and we twerk, twerk, twerk! Twerking newbie? That’s okay – we will teach you! Twerking master? Join the team and let’s get to poppin!

Flexi Floor & Pole Flows

We all remember the “Bend & Snap”, welcome to the “Bend & Flow”. This class is all about flexi floorwork and elegant pole moves. We take transitions and turn them into beautiful movements that look and feel great. All levels are welcome.

Spin Pole

Let’s get Dizzy! This class focuses on pole moves and transitions while the pole is in “spin mode”. It’s fun and challenging while creating impressive combos that will leave you dizzy for more. Not recommended for those who suffer from motion sickness, vertigo, or other aliments that are aggravated by spinning motion.

Russian Exotic Pole

This class is designed to bring out your inner Fierce Exotic Goddess! With a big Focus on fluid and dynamic transitions we will be threading together flows and building combos to help build endurance, flexibility, and conditioning. Heels highly encouraged for this class, as we will be paying special attention to technique of moving in shoes that elevate the body and the overall line. Mixing in floor work and pole flow, this class will help you become a master of shifting between levels and exude confidence while doing so! Warning: class may contain cardio.

Inverts Only

Upside down and go! This class is for those polers who are able to invert comfortably and ready to work on transitions, tricks, and combos that are done upside down.

Aerial Cube/Trapeze

We call it “the beast”. Our custom made aerial cube is perfect for solo or partner work. We pair this apparatus with our static trapeze to add even more fun to your workout. Flipping through these angles will leave you exhausted and excited for the next class! All levels welcome and no experience necessary! Attire: leggings highly encouraged.

Power Pole

Hello there muscles!  Welcome to the class that tests your strength while building those beautiful pole muscles.  If you are dreaming of the Iron X – this class has your name all over it! Previous pole experience is required.

Pole Splits and Bendy Tricks

Long lines, bendy tricks, and showing off that flexibility are the goal in this bendy class.  Designed for Intermediate to Advanced polers, this class will test your flexibility and help you achieve those Instagram worthy tricks.

Doubles Pole

Pole Partners are the best partners! This class focuses on partner based pole tricks. Some prior pole experience is necessary – no need to bring a partner – just grab one during class!

Chair Dance

Remember the movie Striptease? This class will teach a highly sensual routine using a chair and basic dance moves. Surprise your loved one with a special routine for a special holiday! The choreographed routine will change monthly so challenging yourself and body to numerous routines that will sculpt your muscles you didn’t even know existed.

Aerial Hammock All Levels

The name just makes this class sound comfy and fun – who doesn’t love a hammock? This class is for our hammock newbies or those who are hammock savvy and ready to take their aerial training to the next level.  We focus on mounts, basic static moves, and strength building needed to successfully conquer this fabulous fabric. We also offer new and innovative aerial tricks for those who are ready to flip, drop, and defy gravity.

Acro Yoga

Grab your partner or meet a new one at class. This is a partner based yoga class that emphasizes the importance of trusting your other half.  During this class you will work on strength building, flexibility, and fun and unique partner based moves. The options are endless – but you are sure to walk away with a good picture and even better story!

Aerial Yoga

Hammock and Yoga – the perfect combination. This yoga class is done in the air. That’s right, you will be floating around in a comfy hammock while engaging in yoga positions promoting strength and flexibility. It feels so good to stretch out and lengthen your spine – you may never want to leave.

Lyra All Levels

Some call it the Hoop; others call it love at first sight. This class is perfect for those who are brand new to Lyra or those who just can’t get enough of it! We focus on strength building, flexibility, tricks, combos, and fun!

Handstands & Hand-Balancing

Life is better upside down! Get ready to work your core, upper body, and balance! This class is for all levels and will focus on handstand fundamentals and the art of hand balancing.


In modern dance, floorwork is used frequently especially in hip-hop dance AND pole dance! In Grounded Floorwork, you’ll explore basic, instinctual movement that can help you travel across the floor in a fluid way. These movements will help you flow gracefully and effortlessly in your freestyle practice and/or choreographed routines. No prior dance or pole experience needed. Just an open mind! Recommended Dress Attire: Long/short sleeves, long pants, socks and kneepads. You’ll want to be able to protect your body as we’re using the floor.

Freestyle & Flow

Move. Create. Explore. Freestyle & Flow class is an improvisation based movement class that connects mind, body and spirit through gentle prompting and movement exercises. Each class is curated to explore themes that will help break movement patterns, tune into your inner dialog, shift perspectives, refine your personal movement style and give you the tools you need to cultivate your own meaningful freestyle practice. This is YOUR practice – learn to use space on and around the pole, across levels (up high on the pole or down low on the floor) with creativity and sharper instinct in a supportive and safe, collaborative space. What moves YOU. How do YOU love to move? Do you LOVE the feeling of getting ‘lost’ in a dance? Gift yourself this time to feel fully, listen deeply and move with freedom from judgement.

Balance your strength, flexibility and technical practice with intuitive exploration.

No prior dance or pole experience necessary – just curiosity. Wear your favorite layers to dance in. Shoes always welcome.